what we do

TACOS FOR PEACE sells handmade tacos to help build peace in conflict-affected communities across the world

how we do it



TACOS FOR PEACE does not exist primarily to put money in our pockets

our main goal is to build peace by supporting dedicated peacebuilding projects. the main way we do this is by raising and donating funding through the sale of tacos

if a taco costs £1 to make but we sell it to you for £3, we collect the spare coins after everyone's been paid, reinvest a little in growing TACOS FOR PEACE and donate the rest to carefully selected peacebuilding projects



there's not much of a public conversation about peace: what it is, how we build it, who has it, who doesn't, etc.

TACOS FOR PEACE wants to change that by cultivating peace talk and especially by shining a light on peace projects that are:

led by locals

by supporting and championing these projects we hope to cultivate broader public support for peacebuilding in the long term


everybody eats. by eating great food together we reduce the significance of our differences

TACOS FOR PEACE hopes to one day provide a space in which:

peace can be enjoyed at the basic level of sharing tacos with friends & strangers

peace can be discussed, expressed, negotiated, and creatively built

peacebuilding from the grassroots can be supported by community solidarity extended across borders from the street

why we do it

why tacos?

you can put anything in a tortilla and it becomes a taco - endless possibilities for creative combination

you can have one taco as a snack, or ten (10!) as a large meal, or any number in between

mexican food embraces its mestizo cultural heritage of mixed origins and diverse ingredients - fusion and togetherness is built in

everybody loves tacos!

why peace?

the last ten years have brought a "gradual sustained decline in global levels of peacefulness"

direct violence is always most likely to impact the victims of structural violence - the poor, the disadvantaged, the discriminated against

everybody loves peace!

join the party

whether you’ve got
an idea you want to share,
a question you want to ask,
an occasion you want
to mark with tacos,
an event you need catering,
an enquiry about how
tacos for peace works,
a peace project you want
tacos for peace to support,
or a taco business you want
to partner with TACOS FOR PEACE…
get in touch!


what’s going on

latest news & blog

TACOS FOR PEACE is currently supporting border kitchen, a grassroots peacebuilding project that brings together divided communities through cuisine.

Currently active in Cyprus, the programme brings together chefs, food producers and guests from both sides of the divided island to showcase how food can unite people.

Dining events and interactive food workshops in Europe’s last divided capital, Nicosia, result in the important exchange between individuals from the different Cypriot communities.

Border Kitchen believes that the kitchen has no borders. it is a place where we can learn and connect. Food is intrinsically linked to identity and history, and this project has already shown that food can be an extremely positive medium for Cypriots to connect over similarities, but also celebrate differences.

Check out Border Kitchen featured in EatingWell magazine here!
we teamed up with the anchor coffee house to produce their march bagel of the month: pork carnitas and salsa mexicana, topped with hot sauce, pickled jalapenos, and totopos
joel wanted a taco extravaganza so a 7 course tasting menu, naturally: duck egg and green chorizo shrimp and pipián al pastor salsa mexicana barbacoa chocolate camotes
we made tacos for 100! a vegan sweet potato, an aubergine and tomato original and some classic confit pork. the day was eventful – including arriving to find out the gas to the kitchen had been turned off and wasn’t coming back on… made for a stressful prep but super fun service and the tacos were well received we reckon.
carnitas and sweet potato tacos – pre-match photo. we served cdmx-style carnitas tacos (onion, coriander, salsa verde) & l.a.-style sweet potato and feta tacos (spring onion, crunchy corn, chipotle salsa) to a hungry bunch of young folk in thame. they handled the heat like old taco pros, only had to explain what tacos are a few times.